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Baby Clothing Delivery or Pickup

Baby Clothing Delivery or Pickup

About baby clothing

Your little bundle of joy has arrived, and you can't get enough of snuggling and loving on them. You thought your baby boudoir was fully stocked when you brought them home from the hospital, but they are growing like crazy and will soon have very few items that fit. Instacart to the rescue! Did you know that several retailers offer baby clothing as an option for home delivery via Instacart? If you haven't already, download the app and start adding booties and bows to your cart for home delivery today.

Baby clothing should be easy to take care of and soft to make your baby feel nice and comfortable. Stick with items with snaps and zippers to help with the ease of on and off at changing times. One-piece jumpsuits can also make changing your baby a quick, easy process. Babies often require several clothing changes throughout the day because they're messy. Whether it's an explosive diaper, a bit of drool, or some spit-up, your baby is sure to keep you doing laundry daily. Stock up on extra clothing to give your washer and dryer a break using Instacart.

Baby Clothing Near Me

Buy your favorite Baby Clothing online with Instacart. Order Baby Bodysuits, Baby One Pieces, Baby Tops, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

Baby clothing FAQs

Babies grow quickly, and if you choose to start with newborn-size clothing, you should be aware that they won't be in those items for very long. However, it's also important not to dress your baby in clothing that is way too big, especially for bedtime. Clothes should fit your baby well enough so as not to pose a suffocation risk. It's best to buy minimal newborn items to make it through the first couple of weeks, keeping in mind that you'll be doing plenty of laundry to keep those items clean.

Babies go through clothes quickly, and unless you want to have your washer and dryer running constantly, you'll want to invest in several outfits to have available for wardrobe changes. It is recommended that you have a minimum of 15 onesies or infant bodysuits. These are worn under your baby's outfit to help keep your baby warmer and contain any explosive diapers. In addition to onesies, you should have at least seven sleepers or baby gowns on hand.

It is highly recommended that you have this number of items available in your baby's current size as well as the next size up because they will wake up one day and be too big for their clothes. You don't want to be caught without an outfit to dress your baby in, so having the next size up is highly beneficial. This recommendation is based on doing laundry once per week and allowing for a minimum of two outfits per day, plus a pair of pajamas for each night of the week.

The minimum items that you should have on hand for your baby when it comes to clothing are 7 onesies or bodysuits, 2 hats, 2-3 swaddling blankets, 4 baby gowns or sleepers, 3-5 outfits (either one-piece rompers or tops and bottoms), and 5 pairs of socks. Keep in mind that the bare minimum will require you to wash the items more frequently.

How long your baby is in each size will highly depend on their size. Some babies stay in sizes longer than the recommended age size, while others will grow out of the 3-6 months size by the time they're two months old. As much as sizes are labeled by age, they are based on weight when it comes to baby clothing.

While there isn't much of a weight or length difference between sizes, you need to remember that 3lbs is a big difference when it comes to babies. A baby that is born weighing 7lbs will have increased by 30% when they reach 10lbs.

Yes! Download the Instacart app to check local retailers for the availability of baby clothing and items the store carries. Once you put items in your cart and checkout, an Instacart shopper will get started filling your order. Many items are available for same-day delivery, with some even delivered in less than two hours! Spend more time with your baby and less at the store by letting Instacart shop for your baby clothing needs.